Monday, October 8, 2018

Wrestle Me This---Pay per views and bad hair

The peoples heel DK and the Commish are back for another walk around the world of professional wrestling. This week its a round table discussion. DK went to BCW's 25th anniversary and gives his review of the card. Apparently there was a big card in Australia Saturday? We break down the matches and give you our take. DK is wondering about John Cena's new haircut, Danial Bryan is driving him crazy and we just cant wrap our heads around a bald HBK. The Jericho cruise is quickly approaching and we take a look at it. Commish has the NXT results and we brake it down. Why are Impacts ratings so low? Who is pulling the strings up there? Independent Superstar Rage will be joining us October 21st. Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks WWE Bound and we are certain that Jecicho is Impact is coming soon. Why is the Commish playing Wii U again, and it wouldn't be any fun if the Commish didn't have a technical issue. Wrestle Me This airs live every Sunday at 7pm eastern on Please check out the home page

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