Monday, November 19, 2018

Wrestle Me This Saturday Night Main Event

A special Saturday night, post war games edition. That is a jam packed show. This week the Commish and the Peoples Heel DK are the first ones on the air with the NXT Takeover Wargames 2 review. Once again in a jam packed Staples Center in Hollywood, California NXT brought the house down did not disappoint. We give our thoughts on the 4 matches that kept us on the edge of our seats all night long. We also have audio from Triple H's media call. Also on tap Breaking news! James Elsworth allegedly has sent nude pics to a 16 year old girl. The Commish thinks its a work on the part of the girl to gain followers, and DK tends to agree. Also breaking. David Arquette is seriously injured in a death match. Was this for the documentary? Is he going to far, given his age? How effected is he from the negative response 18 years ago? Impact wrestling's Brian Cage invokes section C to cash in the X division championship. Are they really done the Callahan feud already? What exactly is going on with Impact are they on the right course? Cody Rhodes won't sign with ROH whats next. Becky Lynch had her face broken by Nia Jax on Raw. Forcing her to be removed from Survivor Series. What is next for both of these two? Danial Bryan beats AJ Styles on Smackdown and will now face Brock Lesner. How can WWE Survivor Series stand up against the unbelievable WarGames card. Wrestle Me This airs live every Sunday on the Cave Crew Radio Network at and also streams live video on FaceBook Live.
" />If you cannot see the audio controls, If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here">listen/download the audio file here So the Commish has been MIA for a while. Last week Scimitar X filled in for him and decided to try and take his job. This led to an intense vote on Twitter and Facebook of who should be DK's co host. Fast forward to this weeks show, guess who won. This week the Commish and Peoples Heel dig in to whats going on in wrestling: Brock Lesner is champion again. There are rumblings that Braun Strowman is causing trouble in the back. Triple H is hurt! What does this mean for the rumored feud with Battista. We do our break down of the upcoming Survivor Series. Then we break down the upcoming NXT Wargames. Impact review. Whats working, whats not, fantasy bookings. Its a round table of the world of pro wrestling. Wrestle me this airs live, every Sunday on the Cave Crew Radio network at Join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Wrestle Me This Halloween Spooktacular with Scimitar X

*********************************** A special Tuesday night, Halloween special. This week the peoples heel DK is joined by the return of Scimitar X. Not just a segment for the entire show! DK and Scimitar talk about why the Commish is out of action this week, after Rage made a promise if he showed up to the FTW event. Things get really spooky with Scimitar X here for the entire show. Also on tap we talk about the Jericho Cruise, WWE's plans for Crown Jewel now that Roman Reigns is out of action and both John Cena and Danial Bryan are not attending. NXT Wargames is heating up, with 3 big matches announced. We discuss the departure of Roman Reigns and what that means for the future in WWE. DK makes a shocking prediction about Cody, the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. We chat about the Indies. Then Scimitar X declares he wants a poll to decide who should be DK's permanent co host. Stay tuned! Wrestle Me This airs live Sundays at 7pm eastern on and be sure to check out the Facebook Group and our home page at www.wrestlemethis,com