About Wrestle Me This

Wrestle Me This is an internet radio/podcast that was formed in 2018.
We air live Sundays at 3pm eastern 12pm pacific 
A production of the Cave Crew Radio Network at http://www.cavecrewradio.com/listen-live/
Simulcasting on Radio K A O S at http://radiokaos.net/#!tune-in/
Wrestle Me This is also in podcast form on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Iheart Radio, Player FM, Castbox and Talkshoe.

Wrestle Me This .....a show that brings you all the latest news, rumors, stories and predictions for all of pro wrestling (WWE, NXT, Impact, ROH, NJPW, Lucha Underground and the Indie's) 
With special guests, inside sources and an uncanny sense of humor.
We are the new cutting edge of pro wrestling podcasts and talk radio. 

Your Hosts 

DK "The Peoples Heel"

DK is the executive producer and co-host of the show. 
From Windsor, Ontario Canada.
With his raw, uncensored approach, he always says whats on his mind.
A life long wrestling fan and student.  DK has been a popular radio host for over 10 years, on such shows has Cave Crew Radio, Double Talk Radio, and Distraction Point.  Just to name a few.
He brings his passion for wrestling, crazy sense of humor and his original personal style of interviewing to the show.

"The Commish"

The Commish is co-host, head of merchandising and sponsorship's of the show.
From Yonkers, New York
Always happy and the "Face" of the show.  He is a passionate fan and a knowledgeable historian of pro wrestling.  He is the former Commissioner of  LAW wrestling, and has several industry contacts to draw on his expertise.  A former host of Live Tonight and Distraction Point.  He is a fresh voice on the radio and wrestling scene.

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